Gamo Zombie 100 Paper Targets prepares you for anything if a zombie outbreak would hit, whether it's taking them out one by one or planning your escape route. Each pack comes with 100 targets of 4 menacing designs for you to practice on.

Gamo Cone Pellet Trap can be used by hanging it on a wall or use it free standing. This Cone pellet trap deflects all the pellets into a rear compartment. Heavy steel recommended for use with LEAD pellets ONLY. Not recommended for use with st

Gamo Squirrel Field Target includes 4 bullseye rings to adjust the level of difficulty. When you hit the bullseye the target falls down, and you can easily reset in by pulling the string. Use lead pellets ONLY. Features - Gamo squirrel fie

Gamo Deluxe Spinner Target is a combination of highly visable spinner targets that are balanced so that you don't have to walk all that way to reset your target. It features a corrosion resistant powder coating for maximum durability. Fea

Gamo Spinner Target has a durable corrosion resistant powder coating and comes with 12 orange bullseye stickers and 6 balloons. This is designed for pellet guns with a velocity up to 1000 fps. Features - Corrosion resistant powder coating

Gamo Rat Target features a solid steel construction. The target falls down when the bullseye is hit and can be reset simply by pulling the cord. These targets are intended for use with lead pellets only. DO NOT USE BBs. Features - Each hit

Gamo Plinking Target is balanced so you don't have to walk to the target to reset it. It has a durable powder coating that protects against corrosion. Features - Corrosion resistant pwder coating - Balanced re-setting targets  -

Gamo Corkscrew Target is a target mainly used for training and competition shooting. This is ideal for 1-2 shooters. The plastic Gamo logo attached moves across the corkscrew it is mounted on when you shoot the targets. Features - Corrosio