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The Gamo 4.5mm Bear Grylls Survival Air Pistol Set is based upon the classic P-900 pistol but with customized inserts for the Bear Grylls fans. It offers the ultimate balance between presision, versatility, durability and safety. The set includes a tin of Bear Grylls Soft Point pellets and a pack of Bear Grylls targets. Everything you need to start shooting. This set is a great gift for beginners an Bear Grylls fans alike.



  • Ambidextrous
  • Steel rifled barrel type
  • Sights fixed front adjustable rear
  • Moulded plastic gripped handle
  • Velocity at 345 fps
  • Safety catch trigger cross bolt



  • Power source: Compressed coil spring
  • Barrel length: 160mm (6.25in)
  • Velocity: 105m/s(345 fps)


Package Includes:

  • Bear Grylls Soft Point pellets
  • Bear Grylls targets