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The New Hunter 440 – is a Classic model from the GAMO’s catalogue whose notable features are its classic butt, made of beechwood with a water-based varnish, and with marked checkering produced by laser. Its 24 Joules of power are generated thanks to the traditional spring and offers a number of advantages, including greater regularity, reduced vibration and greater accuracy.

It includes other technology such as the precise SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) for control your shot like never before and the NEW BARREL AIR STRIPER which increases stability of the pellet.

*Power will vary depending on the legislation of each country.

*Contact Gamo’s distributor in your country to consult availability.


  • Power 24 J
  • Length 112 cm (44,09 in)
  • Weight 3,0 kg (6,6 lb)
  • Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 386 m/s (1.266 fps)
  • Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 286 m/s (938 fps)