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The Gamo Air Rifle - Shadow DX Express - 5.5mm belongs among high-quality air gun manufacturers and it offers sufficient power at an affordable price.


Product Information:

Gamo belongs among high-quality air gun manufacturers. It offers sufficient power at an affordable price. Quality workmanship of mechanical parts, high-quality wooden stock with engraving. The rubber recoil pad at the end of the stock absorbs recoil of the rifle. The fixed barrel of the Shadow DX Express ensures accurate shooting even at greater distances. The latest model of the synthetic "DX" stock. An elevated rail 11 mm for mounting riflescopes. The light guiding sights Tru-Glo, adjustable vertically and horizontally.


Product Specifications:

  • Air rifle Gamo Shadow DX Express cal. 5.5 mm
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty certificate
  • Caliber: 5.5 mm
  • Muzzle velocity: 220 m/s
  • Ammunition: leaden diabolos
  • Mechanism: spring, piston
  • Mounting rail: 11 mm
  • Stock: plastic
  • Barrel length: 450 mm
  • Overall length: 1,100 mm
  • Weight: 3,000 g