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The Gamo Coyote Whisper PCP 4.5mm Air Rifle is an upgraded version of the classic Coyote. It offers an integrated sound muffler in its grooved steel rifle barrel. It features a multi-shot mechanism functioning on a classic bolt system, which works on a removable magazine which holds ten pellets. It is powered by a fixed, pre-compressed air reservoir, integrated into the rifle with a manometer showing the level of compressed air remaining.



  • Ambidextrous
  • Cold hammer forged
  • Beachwood rifle butt
  • Classic bolt system
  • Custom action trigger(CAT)
  • PCP Powered
  • 10x Multishot
  • Whisper Maxxim technology


  • Power: 27 Joules
  • Length: 98cm
  • Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Velocity: 492 m/s