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Length Overall: 7.63" (194 mm)
Length Closed: 4.34" (110 mm)
Blade Length: 3.51" (89 mm)
Cutting Edge: 3.11" (79 mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.118" (3 mm)
Blade Steel: Laminated ZDP-189 / 420J2
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber 
Weight: 3.1 oz. (89 g)
Made in Seki-City, Japan

A good folding knife should function and feel like a natural extension of the hand. A great one does that while looking like a million bucks. The Caly 3.5's carbon fiber handle positions the hand and fingers ergonomically for a comfortable and controlled grip. The blade has an internal core of exotic high-carbon ZDP-189 that is layered between two more pliable layers of 420J2 steel, creating a high performance, stunningly visual flat-ground, leaf-shaped blade. The core's ZDP-189 cutting edge has 3% Carbon for extended edge retention.