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Model Number: C189PBL
Country Of Origin: Italy
Closed: 2.99" 76 mm
Overall: 5.08" 129 mm
Handle: Blue FRN Textured
Blade: 2.09" 53 mm
Edge: 1.72" 44 mm
Blade Steel: N690Co
Lanyard Hole: No
Knife Lock: Slip Joint
Handedness: NA
Tip Carry Position: NA
Weight: 1 oz 28 g
Edge Type: PlainEdge

The Spyderco Blue Roadie Plain Edge is a highly evolved penknife that is more practical and user friendly than its historical predecessors. It?s most distinguishing characteristic is the ?Double Dent that is a pair of symmetrical dimples in the blade that provide a solid purchase for a fingernail free two handed opening. The Blue Roadieand all Roadie knives represents a quantum leap in the evolution of modern pocketknife design and sets a new standard of excellence for the breed. We are confident that yours will serve you well.