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Closed: 5.09" (129 mm)
Overall: 8.94" (227 mm)
Blade: 3.85" (98 mm)
Edge: 3.36" (85 mm)
Edge Configuration: Plain
Blade Thickness: 0.125" (3.2 mm)
Blade Hole Diameter: 0.55" (14 mm)
Steel: CPM S30V
Weight: 5.2 oz. (141 g)
Grind: Full-flat
Clip: Tip-up / Ambidextrous
Made in USA

If you're a fan of big knives, the Manix2 XL is the knife for you. It boasts all the same qualities as the Manix2, but in an extra-large-sized format that is perfect for big hands and big cutting chores. Its CPM S30V blade has a full flat grind for the ideal synthesis of strength and edge geometry. This Manix2 XL has a non-reflective Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) blade coating with matching blackened hardware, and clip with skeletonized liners. Both feature a black polymer cage in the ball bearing lock mechanism.