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The Gerber Pro Scout Needle-Nose Multi-Plier with Sheath features a one-handed plier opening for ease of use. No handle rotation or gyrations are necessary to open the Pro Scout -- just a flick of the wrist slides the plier jaws into the locked and ready position. The locking system is safe and easy to use with components locking up against a solid bar of steel, rather than a spring. It also features independent tool rotation, allowing access to components you want without other tools following it out. The multi-plier includes needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, crimper, standard/metric scale, crosshead screwdriver, bottle/can opener, serrated sheepsfoot blade, drop point blade, Fiskars scissors, replaceable saw blade, file, lanyard ring, and small, medium, and large flathead screwdrivers. The multi-plier comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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