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At only 170 g, these water-resistant, rubber-armored binoculars are ideal for tossing in your backpack wherever you travel. Individually focusing eyepieces with BAK-4 roof prisms and multicoated lenses increase contrast and resolution and bring birds and wildlife eight times closer.
·Magnification: 10 X
·Objective Diameter: 25 mm
·Field of View: 97/1000m
·Optical Sytsem: Roof
·Dimensions: 100x115x35mm
·Weight: 190g

National Geographic compact binoculars have a attractive, pocket sized design. The fully coated BK-7 optics and solid mechanics enable a true colour picture replication. 

*A diopter, is a unit of measurement of the optical power of a
lens or curved mirror, which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal
length measured in metres (that is, 1/metres). It is thus a unit of reciprocal length