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Stainless steel tools and brass locking plates
Craft knife with replaceable blade. Spare blades included 
Locking knife blade (5.5cm long)
Can opener, bottle opener, awl
Small and medium screwdrivers
Handle - ABS
Dimensions closed L85 x W20mm

This is a true Scout classic with a twist. A perfect combination of old 
and new with the bonus of a craft knife, with replaceable blade (five 
included). This knife is fabricated from modern 422 grade stainless 
steel and combined with old-fashioned brass locking plates. The 
main knife blade is less than three inches long and does not lock 
(to comply with UK law). It also features a locking bottle opener, 
small and medium screwdrivers, locking awl, and can opener. The 
shockproof ABS handle is inset with the Scout fleur de lys and there 
is a D-clip attachment at one end.