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High Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Rubber Ergonomic Handle Grips

Needle Nosed Pliers & Wire Cutters (spring assisted)

Screwdriver, Bottle Opener & Flat Head Screwdriver

Awl, File & Nail Cleaner, Hook Blade^Can Opener

Eyeglass Screwdrive

Fine Edge Knife & Serrated Edge Knife.

The MultiMate Mini from True Utility is the ultimate compact multi-tool packed with features and the quality you?d expect in a tool twice its size yet when it?s closed it measures just 75mm in length and 35mm width.

With rubber ergonomic handles it is a pleasure to hold and work with, making any small job easy and efficient. All tools contained within the handles can be used without opening the tool fully. Sprung pliers with serrated teeth and wire strippers fold out of the handles when needed. All of the tools inside the handles have been specially chosen and designed to be tools that are the most useful and practical DIY or every day jobs.

The tools included are: needle nosed pliers and wire cutters (spring assisted), screwdriver, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, awl, file and nail cleaner, hook blade, can opener, eyeglass screwdriver, fine edge knife ,and serrated edge knife.

With 13 tools in all it really does have everything you could need, and small hoop ready for your key ring it really can be carried around with you every day. Let the MultiMate Mini be the multi-tool you rely on and have on you wherever you may be, you?ll be surprised at how often all of the tools included will come in handy.

This True Utility product is now packed in a weatherproof Hard Case which has been designed to be perfect for storing all the items you want to keep safe. Measuring just 120mm long, you can fit in the things you need whilst still fitting it in your pocket. Retailing for an RRP of £3.99 alone it is a product in itself offering great value for money from your True Utility purchase.

Most mobile phones fit allowing you piece of mind when you are out exploring or on the beach. Money and matches will remain dry in this splashproof container. Personal cameras, credit cards, and most GPS systems will also fit neatly inside.

Made from 1.8mm thick the plastic container is strong enough to withstand your travels whilst being thin enough to not get in the way. Weighing only 59g it won?t hold you down or be considered an extra weight amongst your kit. The black clip is designed to easy to open with just one hand quickly and efficiently so you can get your belongings out whenever you need them.

Please note: this container is not waterproof but it is most definitely ? sandproof, splashproof, weatherproof, windproof and snowproof. Perfect for all of your outdoor needs