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Clever capsule has a special cash clip inside

Fits any one bill

Black anodized aircraft grade aluminum

Completely waterproof

1.75" long x 0.6" wide x 0.6 high

Mango TU241B True Utility Cash Stash Money Storage Keyring Accessory - Never run out of money again. This clever capsule has a special cash clip inside to wrap an emergency bill around. It will take up hardly any room on your key-ring, yet will really get you out of trouble by covering that last round of drinks, or paying for the taxi home at the end of the night. Constructed from dark chrome plated aircraft grade aluminum with a waterproof neoprene ?O' ring. Never leave home without it. Also makes a perfect gift, especially if you put cash in it. 1.75" long x 0.6" wide x 0.6" high. Since its foundation in 2000, True Utility has delivered the highest standards in product design, customer service and ongoing brand development. With accomplished designs that are original from idea to end result, founder Lee Berman has designed inspiring products to de-clutter pockets, arming people with contemporary, minimalist and practical pocket tools. True Utility is based in Bournemouth, England. Black. Mango True Utility TU241B CashStash Waterproof Emergency Cash Capsule for Key Ring, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Black.