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The D-Cell Maglite is the preferred flashlight for law enforcement and great for outdoors and home use due to it?s durability, dependability and quality. The D-Cell Maglite operates on D-Cell size alkaline batteries incased in a sleek annodised aluminum body. A simple twist of the head brings the beam from a spot to flood light. The patented self-cleaning rotary switch is an extremely durable, reliable switch. This switch fights the build-up of performance-degrading deposits on the contacts. A spare bulb is included in the tail-cap of the torch. Bulbs are easily replaceable by simply removing the head of the torch as well as the tail cap and swapping the bulbs. All Maglites are anodised inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and the rubber o-rings make Mag-lite water resistant.

Overall Length: 313mm
Specifications: 229 meter beam distance, Runtime - 10 hours, 45 Lumens, 16280 cd,
Barrel Diameter: 39.67mm Head Diameter: 57mm
Battery Required: 3 x D-Cells

The Maglite Flashlight is renowned for its quality,durability and reliability. More than 25 years of research, development, testing and continuous state-of-art refinement has gone into every precision feature of this amazing Flashlight.