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Refined over many years of dedicated service, the Magchargher has been honed and perfected into Maglite?s ultimate lighting tool.
A high-capacity 6V Nimh battery powers this flashlight, incased in a annodised sleek black aluminum body. The flashlight can be charged in any position and the charger operates on both A/C or D/C current. A Tempered glass lens and a high tech
metallic reflector combine to provide ultimate optical performance. The Magcharger features a patented self-cleaning rotary switch which is
extremely durable and reliable. This switch fights the build-up of performance-degrading deposits on the contacts. A simple twist of the
head brings the beam from a spot to flood light. A spare bulb is included in the tail-cap of the torch. Bulbs are easily replaceable by simply removing the head of the torch
as well as the tail cap and swapping the bulbs. All Mag-Lites are anodised inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and the rubber o-rings make Mag-lite water resistant. 43737cd LUMENS
Beam Distance - 418m
Run time - 3h
Lumens - 221
Water Resistant
Drop test - upto1m
Overall Length: 319.79mm
Barrel Diameter: 39.67mm
Head Diameter: 58.72mm
Battery Required: Rechargeable

Without question, Maglite's ultimate lighting tool. Refined and enhanced over many years of dedicated service, the MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlight System is chosen by professionals worldwide.