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New Brighter LED 274 LUMENS!
A combination of advanced technology, engineering and craftsmanship, LED D Cell Maglite Flashlights are ideal for professional or personal use.
This durable flashlight is built tough enough to last a lifetime. The Maglite flashlight provides you with a super bright light while optimizing battery performance.
The patented durable switch is self-cleaning, fighting the buildup of performance-degrading deposits on the contacts. Easy to use, a twist of the head will focus the beam from a spot to flood.
Classic Simplicity - Just push the button to switch the light on and off - Just turn the head to focus the beam
Modern power - Ultra-performance LED for enhanced brightness

Battery Required: 2 x D-Cells
Beam Distance: 366m
Lumens: 274
Candella: 33560cd
Run Time: 12h45m
Water Resistant
Drop test - up to 1m

The Maglite Flashlight is renowned for its quality,durability and reliability. More than 25 years of research, development, testing and continuous state-of-art refinement has gone into every precision feature of this amazing Flashlight.