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Lumens: 37
Beam Distance: 55 Meters
Candella: 748 cd
Run-Time: 1 H 45 min
Drop-Proof: From 1 Meter

Limited life-time warranty, spares are available in South Africa. Made in the USA.The Solitaire is supplied in a nifty presentation box which makes it great for either a birthday or corporate gift. The Solitaire itself can be engraved with your name, company logo or brand.

Length: 81mm
Barrel Diam.: 12.7mm
Head Diam.: 12.7mm
Weight w Batt.: 24 grams
Batteries: 1 x AAA (incl.)

The Red Maglite Solitaire LED is the perfect key ring torch, it weighs a mere 24 grams with the battery and is only 8,1 centimeters in length and has a Spot to Flood adjustable beam. A single AAA Alkaline battery is supplied with the Solitaire as well as a key ring lanyard.
The LED produces 37 lumens of light output with a beam range of 55 meters and a run-time of 1 hours 45 minutes. The incandescent predecessor was introduced in 1988 and had a 2 Lumen output.