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Gamo 4.5mm Maintenance Center contains everything you need for maintaining your air rifle and is designed for quick assembly and disassembly. The kit fits into a carrying box so you can clean, repair and maintain your rifle while out in the field. The kit also contains a portable gun stand strong enough to support any adult airgun and protection for your table against scratches and spills.


- Mount and adjust your rifle scope
- Clean, repair or maintain your rifle while hunting, at the range or on trips
- Keep track of rifle parts in the storage compartments while performing maintenance
- Protect your table or other surfaces from scratches or fluid spills while performing maintenance on your air rifle
- Store your tools and cleaning supplies

Package Contents

- Collapsible rifle stand
- GAMO airgun oil
- Felt cleaning wads
- Cleaning patches
- 3 Extension rods
- 1 Patch holder tip
- 1 Nylon brush tip
- Cleaning handle
- Cleaning cloth
- Instructions