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Gamo AD30 Red-Dot Sight is perfect for high mobile targets and has a wide field of view. The anodyned aluminium makes this sight durable and light weight.


- This is a sensational sight for almost every type of shooting - especially ”close in”
- It works well on air rifles, hand guns, even shotguns for hunting turkeys
- When you turn the sight switch on, a bright red/orange dot appears on the center of your scope
- That's your point of aim. It's just that simple and very accurate


- Magnification: 1X.
- Field of view: 24.7 mts
- Objective Diameter: 30mm
- Eye Relief: unlimited
- Movement windage: 40 MOA
- Movement elevation:40 MOA.
- Click value: 50 moa @ 46.15 mts
- Length: 100 mm
- Weight: 190 gr