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Gamo Delta Forrest 4.5mm Air Rifle is one of the lightest and most successful of its class. The standard power single shot riffled break barrel features a velocity of 575 fps and is the ideal youth air rifle. The ambidextrous stock features the Shock Wave Absorber technology for comfortable shooting. This new design features 3 removable inserts so the shooter can adjust the recoil to their preference. The TruGlo fibre optic sight is perfect for all shooting.


- Single Shot
- Break barrel, single cocking system
- Barrel made of precision rifled steel
- Two-stage trigger
- Adjustable trigger
- Manual Safety
- Automatic cocking safety


- Weight: 2,1 lb (4,63 kg)
- Length: 37,01 in (94 cm)
- Ammunition: pellets of all shapes
- Calibers: .177 in (4,5 mm)
- Initial Velocity: 525 ft/s (160 m/s) with caliber .177 in (4,5 mm)