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Gamo CFR Royal Whisper 4.5mm Air Rifle features a SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) that increases the accuracy and a responsive clean break so you can shoot like a pro. The Royal Whisper is capable of firing at a velocity of 1100 fps with PBA pellets making it the ultimate varmint and small to medium game hunter.

The new recoil pad designed by Gamo provides up to 74% more absorption than standard recoil pads. The 3 removable inserts allows the shooter to adjust the recoil to their own specific preference.


- Rifled steel barrel fixed barrel with under lever cocking arm
- Grooved cylunder for scope mounting
- Anti- shock composite stock with ventilated rubber butt pad
- Unique TRUGLO fibre optic sights with fully adjustable rear sights
- Rotating breech allows pellets to be loaded directly into the barrel
- Shock absorbing scope arrestor block


- Weight: 3,0 Kg (6,83 lb)
- Lenght: 116 cms (45,66 in)
- Caliber: 4,5 (,117 in)
- Muzzle velocity: 305 m/seg (1000 ft/seg)