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Gamo Black Knight 5.5mm Air Rifle is an old No 2 air rifle fitted with the latest Gamo technology. The ambidextrous stock is fitted with a SWA tt plate that results in 74% more absorption. The Air Rifle is also fitted with a Smooth Action Trigger, which is a custom made trigger designed for all principles of shooting so you can control your shot like never before. It fires 5.5mm pellets that provide better penetration and increased kinetic energy.


- Air Rifle Specifications
- Fiber optic front sight
- High performance dampener
- Break barrel
- Rifled barrel
- SAT triggers
- Anti-shock fiber stock
- Grip/Chequering
- Tactical design
- Ergonomic design
- Fiber optic sights
- Adjustable rear sight
- Front sight
- Full raised ribs


- Weight: 3,0kg
- Length: 117cm
- Caliber: .22cal or 5.5mm
- Velocity: 725ft/s or 220m/s