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Gamo Black Fusion 5.5mm Air Rifle combines the whisper fusion barrel with a synthetic stock perfectly shaped to provide maximum comfort. The Sound moderator incorporated into the barrel is the quietest system available. This is a old No 2 air rifle fitted with the latest Gamo technology.

The Rubberised stock features Gamo's Shock Wave Absorber technology that has been tested to improve the rate of absorption and the recoil distance. As a result the SWA provides up to 74% more absorption than standard recoil pads.


- Break barrel
- Rifled barrel
- SAT triggers
- Anti-shock fiber stock
- Grip/Chequering
- Tactical design
- Ergonomic design
- Fiber optic sights
- Adjustable rear sight
- Front sight
- Full raised ribs


- Weight: 3,0kg
- Length: 117cm
- Caliber: 5.5mm
- Velocity: 725ft/s